50+ Ultimate SWOT Analysis Templates for PowerPoint (2021)

July 13, 2021

What is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis is a framework used to check an association’s cutthroat position and to cultivate key masterminding. A SWOT analysis surveys inward and external variables, as current and future potential.

A SWOT analysis templates for PowerPoint is required to work with a reasonable, truth-based approach at reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of an association, or inside its industry.

The association needs to keep the analysis exact by staying away from pre-considered sentiments and fairly focusing on authentic settings. Associations should use it as a helper and not as a fix.

•        SWOT analysis is a fundamental arranging methodology that gives appraisal instruments

•        Recognizing center strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats prompts reality-based analysis, new perspectives, and novel contemplations

•        SWOT analysis works best when different gatherings or voices inside an organization are permitted to give reasonable data focuses rather than embraced illuminating

Lets dive into the individual components:

SWOT Analysis Components


Strengths depict what an organization is good at and what isolates it from the opposition

Example: a strong brand, reliable customer base, a strong equilibrium record, unique advancement, and so on


Weaknesses are what keeping an organization from performing at its optimal level.

Example: a weak brand, higher-than-ordinary turnover, critical levels of commitment, an insufficient stock organization, or absence of capital.


Opportunities refer to extraordinary external parts that could give an organization a high ground.

For instance, if a country reduces government expenditures, a vehicle maker can exchange everything except another market, extending arrangements and a bit of the general business.


Threats allude to factors that can hurt an organization.

For instance, a dry spell is a threat to a wheat-delivering organization, as it may devastate or diminish the collect yield.

Other basic threats incorporate things like extending costs for materials, developing disputes, tight work supply. etc.

Using SWOT Analysis to develop your business.

  • As already mentioned a SWOT analysis is a collection of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • The essential goal of a SWOT analysis is to assist companies with developing a full awareness of the relative multitude of variables associated with settling on a business choice.
  • Perform a SWOT analysis before you focus on any kind of company activity, regardless of whether you are investigating new initiatives, patching up inside strategies, considering opportunities to turn, or changing a plan partially through its execution.
  • Use your SWOT analysis to find suggestions and techniques, with attention to using strengths and opportunities to conquer weaknesses and threats.

How do you perform  SWOT Analysis ?

4 Aspects of your Business

Utilizing inward and outside data, the SWOT Analysis strategy can guide organizations towaeds taking smart decisions.

Full Step by step instructions to Use a SWOT Analysis

Use SWOT Analysis


What happens inside the company fills in as an extraordinary source of data for the strengths and weaknesses classifications of the SWOT analysis.

Examples of inner variables include financial and HR, unmistakable and immaterial (brand name) resources, and functional efficiencies.


What occurs outside of the company is similarly as critical to the accomplishment of a company as inner variables.

Outside impacts, like money-related arrangements, market changes, and admittance to providers, are classifications to pull from to set out a rundown of open doors and weaknesses.

Who ought to do a SWOT Analysis?

Swot Analysis Templates Download

For a SWOT analysis to be effective, company founders and leaders should be deeply included. This isn’t a task that can be designated to other people.

However, company authority shouldn’t accomplish the work all alone, all things considered. For best outcomes, you’ll need to accumulate a group of individuals who have alternate points of view on the company.

Select individuals who can address various parts of your company, from deals and client support to showcasing and item improvement. Everybody ought to pull up a seat at the table.

Innovative companies even look outside their internal positions when they play out a SWOT analysis and get contributions from clients to include their remarkable voice in the mix.

In case you’re beginning or maintaining a business all alone, you can in any case do a SWOT analysis.

Enlist more viewpoints from your friends or companions who know a little about your business, or even sellers and providers.

The key is to have various viewpoints.

Existing businesses can use a SWOT analysis to evaluate their present circumstance and decide a methodology to push ahead.

In any case, recall that things are continually changing and you’ll need to reconsider your methodology, beginning with another SWOT analysis each six to a year.

For new companies, a SWOT analysis is important for the business planning measure.

It’ll assist with systematizing a procedure so you get going on the right foot and know the course that you intend to go.

SWOT Analysis Examples

SWOT Analysis Examples


Development law office with staff members who are prepared in both law and expert engineering/general contracting.

Their experience gives an extraordinary benefit. Little representatives can change and adjust rapidly.


Nobody has been a middle person previously or experienced any proper mediation training programs. Staff individuals have been a piece of involvement in any case not as a neutral group.


Most business construction contracts require mediation. However, for many go-betweens in the marketplace, a couple has genuine construction experience.


Anybody can turn into a mediator, so other construction law offices could open their mediation service also.

Most potential customers have a bad impression of the mediation since they feel mediators don’t understand or care to understand the issue and hurry to determine it.

Take a look at the best SWOT Analysis Templates in the Industry and how you can utilise them:

Swot Analysis Templates Download

The SWOT analysis, otherwise called SWOT, is the symbol for the words Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Analysts, Chiefs, and Consultants hold the SWOT structure as the primary phase of any corporate method analysis.  The SWOT Analysis starts with an internal study. The strengths and weaknesses of the company check on and stock.

This list will show the expert the regions where that need to cover or advanced to arrive at worthy seriousness.

The second phase comprises the external study. Market Opportunities and Threats that may influence the company recorded.

The primary motivation behind these two parts is to distinguish positive and negative components around the company and its exhibition, and dole out them under one of the four classifications.

Presenters can exploit the SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template Material Design, to sum up, factors stock, the cycle applied to discover them, the connections recognized, and, the systems characterized around them.

YoSlides PowerPoint Templates are 100% editable, users can change each object , as they made as PowerPoint Shapes. The template arranged under the PowerPoint Topics range, permitting the user to alter the look and feel of the show by changing the subject.

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template is a presentation for Microsoft PowerPoint that you can use to make a show with a SWOT Analysis.

SWOT Matrix organized planning used to assess the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

The SWOT Analysis involves the analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in any new task or adventure.

You can use this SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint to get ready presentations every single one of the SWOT Matrix components. There is a slide that you can use to depict every one of the components in a SWOT Matrix.

The business company depicts the components in an engaging configuration with the pointers to add subtleties.

The SWOT for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats includes an undertaking or undertakings.  PowerPoint is an extraordinary method to introduce SWOT analysis or clarify its idea. Further, this PowerPoint template here contains the lovely infographic symbols and shapes of the level plan vector outline.

This PowerPoint template has one outline slide containing every one of the components as a SWOT matrix. The riddle shape envisions the interdependencies of interior and external variables.

The four slide templates address the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by featuring them only.

Exhibit the generally normal yet incredible advertising and business instrument in definite SWOT analysis show. Additionally, use for arranging and assessing start-up thoughts and imaginative efforts.

Change the text-based substance, shading, or size of illustrations and symbols to customize the template. The customization in the plan of the SWOT analysis template may not must over a couple of moments.

The SWOT analysis PowerPoint has a few alternatives to make changes in the editable template. For example, select a shape or graph and go to the attractive arrangement to change the shape fill tone. The show has PowerPoint symbols to address every one of the four terms of analysis. These include, decreasing graph for weakness, clouds for opportunities, piece in strengths, and fire on threats.

The Circular SWOT Slide Design for PowerPoint is a level vector template of business analysis. SWOT analysis is a technique and arranging instrument containing 4 elements.

These components are inner qualities, shortcomings, and outside promising circumstances and dangers.  This template contains 1 slide of a well-planned SWOT graph that is appropriate for any business analysis. Since these slides could help proficient in including the scope of ideas.

The template of circular SWOT configuration shows two varieties of 4 quarters PowerPoint outline.

This show of SWOT analysis enables experts to lead the business towards the determined improvement of a company. The Yoslides contains distinctive SWOT analysis and system template intends to peruse.

The Circular SWOT Slide Design for PowerPoint contains four colourful fragments with 4 quarters in focus. These portions will draw in watchers in the multicolour management model.

In like manner, customers can add practical segments like clipart images and shapes to depict each factor.  This should be possible by either transferring pictures or shapes from the PowerPoint insert menu.

The easy SWOT PowerPoint template is a completely flexible design with an infographic viewpoint.  The clients can change backgrounds, add objects, and make a customized business SWOT template. The SWOT analysis is a useful device for all businesses and callings.

Hence, expansive customization can help with changing this PowerPoint to a wide range of Introductions.

Creative SWOT Analysis Templates for PowerPoint is a show layout including four triangles and components that you can use to explain and show a SWOT Analysis using a background template.

SWOT analysis shows Templates can assist you with making advertising PowerPoint introductions and business slide plans.

The SWOT Analysis Chart for PowerPoint gives various editable slides for making a SWOT analysis in PowerPoint.

This template can decrease long stretches of work for making a prepared SWOT analysis, as all slides are easy to alter and give standard designs to creating a total survey for showing the strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats related to a business effort.

You can likewise download other slide plans from our Yoslides SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template. These include, decreasing graph for weakness, clouds for opportunities, piece in strengths, and fire on threats.

Creative SWOT PowerPoint Template is a show configuration including four quadrants and components that you can use to clarify and introduce a SWOT Analysis using a unique template.

 SWOT analysis shows Templates can assist you with making ads PowerPoint presentations.

Then again, YoSlides provides best slide plans and graphs for your presentations.

The Brilliant SWOT Analysis is for PowerPoint gives various editable slides for making a SWOT analysis in PowerPoint.

This template decreases a lot of work for making a prepared SWOT analysis, as all slides are easy to alter and give standard designs creating a total survey for showing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with a business effort. You can likewise download other slide plans from our Yoslides SWOT Analysis Templates for PowerPoint.

The template is a level plan vector graph of the SWOT matrix with cool infographic symbols applicable to the terms.

The SWOT represents Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. YoSlides, the PowerPoint outline here is not quite the same as the customary 4 area SWOT matrix. It shows four roundabout symbols that portray a lab cup showing inward and outside factors. This PowerPoint shows astounding illustrations for a noteworthy visual effect.

These include muscle for strength, chain for weakness, a bulb for the opportunity, and arrow for threats. You can alter the round chart of the SWOT template by evolving colours, resizing the designs, or changing the foundation.

The presentation of SWOT analysis in the roundabout chart of PowerPoint is a dynamic template. When the organization recognizes weaknesses and threats, it can arrange for development. Use the opportunities to investigate more business choices and use the strengths to guarantee a positive outcome.

This inventive SWOT Analysis template chart carries more plans to the table which assumes a key part in arranging and analysis.

FAQ’s About SWOT Analysis

How Would You Compose a Decent/Good SWOT Analysis?

Making a SWOT analysis includes recognizing and analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a company.
It is prescribed to initially make a rundown of inquiries to respond in due order regarding every component.
The inquiries fill in as a guide for finishing the SWOT analysis and making a balanced list.
The SWOT system can be built-in list design, as free content, or, most usually, as a 4-cell table, with quadrants devoted to every component.
Strengths and weaknesses are recorded first, followed by opportunities and threats.

What Are Threats in a SWOT?

Threats are external powers that may adversely influence the success of a company.
They comprise of upper hands of opponents, wild impacts like natural disasters, govt. policies and that’s just the beginning.
Recognizing threats can assist with presenting obstructions to progress and position companies to develop methodologies to defeat them.

What Are Strengths in a SWOT Analysis?

Strengths in a SWOT analysis are the great inner activities, processes, and behaviors of a company (what a company progresses admirably).
These are the elements that add to the achievement of the company and its image.
Strengths, for example, exceptionally appraised client care and effective store network the board, assist companies with maintaining and upgrade their competitive advantage.

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